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 Hallowe'en competiton entries ..

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Lady Katt
Lady Katt

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PostSubject: Hallowe'en competiton entries ..   Fri Jul 31, 2009 6:04 am

Please post here all entries for the win a witch comp x
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PostSubject: Re: Hallowe'en competiton entries ..   Fri Jul 31, 2009 12:13 pm

Final Scenes from Natural Magick Ep 1,

The breeze swirled around them, stirring their long flowing dresses and making the light metal trims tinkle. The day was warm and the breeze cooled them as they stood in the sun for their Goddess. Gauze shawls of burnt orange, golden yellow, emerald green and sapphire blue fluttered and danced around them.
Their patience was rewarded when figure emerged from the woods across the clearing from them.
She was tall, with hair so blond it was almost white and so long that it brushed the heels of her bare feet as she walked. Her gown, whilst no less rich as their own, was plain white silk belted simply at the waist by a silver embroidered sash. She moved with such grace that the each of the four women held their breath, wishing that one day they would be able to emulate her.
“Lady!” They all feel into a deep curtsy, from which they did not immediately arise. Only when she touched them each in turn on their head did they rise to look at her.
“My children, I have protected your spirits in this place for so long. It is time for you to awaken. You must complete what was begun all those years ago. You must bring the People back together to ensure that the Darkness is cast out truly once and for all.”
The four women felt elated and fearful all at the same time. The Goddess reached out and touched Lady Ember’s face, brushing a strand of burnished red hair back from her face. Cupped Lady Embers face she held her eyes with her piercing gaze, silently conveying to her seriousness of the matter at hand. She must guide the Ladies Falls, Breeze and Leaf but yet be guided by them.
Lady Ember felt the weight of her responsibility being conveyed in those eyes.
“Be strong.” The Goddess told them all as she took her hand away and took a step back. “Your spirits have been on the Earth for sometime now, waiting for you to awaken to their true potential. You must transform your spirit and allow it to become your elemental being.” She held her hand out to them.
The women nodded, and reached to cover her hand with their left hands, each focusing on the ring that adorned their fourth fingers.
“Transformation,” They said together. “Spirit Transformation.”
“Earth”, “Air”, “Fire”, Water”


The Imp’s attack faltered and then totally stopped as its targets were engulfed in a brilliant white light. It stopped and hid its face as the light burnt its skin. Behind it the rest of the Imp pack faltered and hid their faces. Even Scarlet Knight was forced to look away for it was like trying to stare at the sun.
As the light cleared leaves, water droplets and wisps of flames were carried through the air on a strong breeze. The Imps, Scarlet Knight and the people around them refocused on the figures at the entrance to the plaza.
The humans wondered where the four young women had gone.
The Imps cowered in fear from the powerful aura’s that blazed forth and Scarlet Knight punched the air in delight.
So distracted was he, he didn’t notice the previously stunned Imp sneak away into the woodlands.
Stood in the entrance to the plaza were four women, resplendent in long flowing cloaks which were being tossed about by the dying breeze. Under their cloaks they wore tight fitting leather jerkins and trouser of various colours, plain all but for a simple insignia of beaten metal over their right breast.
The cloths of the tallest was dyed russet red and copper, with fitted, tooled leather knee high boots. On her chest blazed a stylised flame. She flicked her long ponytail over her shoulder as she surveyed the scene.
“What a rush!”
The clothing that the speaker was wearing was dyed yellow and orange with stylised gust of air marking the jerkin. She looked down at her outfit, holding her cape out with her finger tips so that she could see her ankle high boots. “Looking good!”
“I feel… different.” The girl dressed in green and gold leathers ran her gloved hands through her short brown hair before fingering the stylised leaf design on her jerkin.
“We are different.” The shortest woman, who was dressed in blue and sea green leathers, took a step forward to join her tall red clad friend, her stylised wave symbol catching the light. “We are as we are meant to be.”
“Right Guardian Water,” the woman in red agreed. “Guardian Earth, Guardian Air, we can talk about this later. Right now we have to take out this hell pit trash.”
“Alright Guardian Fire!” Guardian Air punched the air as she and Guardian Earth moved to join their friends, flanking them.
The remaining four Imps dropped into low crouches, moving forward on their bellies testing the air and the aura’s surrounding the four women. When they tasted the strength of the four Guardians their little tongue suckers fluttered in the air, like a snakes forked tongue. There was a feast laid out before them.
They all began to growl.
“What now?” Guardian Earth hissed as they held their pose.
“What?” Guardian Fire asked out of the side of her mouth.
“What do we do now?” Earth hissed back, slightly loudder.
“Improvise!” Fire cried as the Imps attacked. As her four friends fell back Fire executed a roundhouse kick which knocked the lead Imp back, but the other three sped past her, causing her companions to scatter.
The Imp skid to a stop, shook its head, and resumed its charge. All around her friends were ducking and diving and Guardian Fire could feel her blood boil with embarrassment.
As she set to focus her rage against the attacking Imp words and gestures sprang into her mind. Even as she raised her hand, arm extended and palm facing the Imp, the words were on her lips and she saw herself do the same thing against a different, older, more powerful enemy.
A small flame sprang into life at the centre of her palm and almost immediately it grew and became a jet of living self sustaining fire which turned on the attacking Imp.
Before it could react it was consumed by the flames, turning to little flecks of light and dust which drifted away from the flames. When the fires died away, after only a few moments, there was nothing left but motes of light on the breeze.
She turned to help her friends, to find that they were all employing their own magical powers.
Guardian Water brought her hands, held cupped above her head with a cry of Crystal Cascade. When she dropped her arms and pointed her hands at the imp water formed out of the air around her and cascaded over it. The Imp screamed as the water hit it and turned it in to little sparkles of light.
With her hand pressed flat to the floor, looking intently at her target, Guardian Earth shouted Land Fusion. The ground between her and imp cracked and buckled as she forced her magic through the very earth. The Imp attempted to leap into the air in an attempt to escape her attack, but found that the earth exploded upwards under it, following its twists and turned through the air. It didn’t take long for the beast to be caught in the tight embrace of rock, squeezed and lashed by Guardian Earth’s magic until it dissolved into light. Once the last of light had disappeared the rock slowly returned to the earth, leaving only a slight trace of soil and dust on the once again whole concrete floor.
Guardian Air was focusing her two hands, wrists joined and palms facing outwards, on the Imp. A cry of Shinning Sonic Blast released waves of pressure from her hands. When the first wave struck the imp there was a massive booming noise which stunned the imp, stopping it in its tracks. The second wave struck and knocked it to the floor. The third and final booming wave struck and shattered the imp into millions of partials of light, which scattered on the following blast of air.
The air was filled with tiny firefly like lights, drifting around the Guardians before floating into the sky and out of sight.
As the light finally cleared the Guardians marvelled at their handy work the people around them began to emerge and chatter about the strange girls and their strange powers. Scarlet Knight, who had stood by and watched in amazement and wonder, sheathed his sword and sprang into action, running past them and back out of the park.
“Guardians! Follow me!”
Realising what he was doing Guardian Fire nodded and ran to join him, spurring the others on the follow. They headed out of the park.
When they were finally out of sight, Scarlet Knight’s face broke into an elated grin.
“We need to talk.” Guardians Fire said, even as she touched the insignia on her chest, causing her transformation to fade. At once the magic fire had faded to reveal her as Seraphina once more.


As soon as the lone Imp returned to Fleurety in the park woods the creature immediately began to debase itself, whining and growling. After he had finished the listening Fleuretty drew his arm back, causing the imp to squeak in fear.
“You were warned of the price of failure.” He brought his arm down in a chopping motion, releasing a crescent of black magic spinning towards the Imp. When it struck the beast was consumed by dark magic until shrivelled and turned to dust.
Fleuretty watched the dust scatter as he pondered the creatures words.
The Guardians, returned! He must return to his brothers and relay this dire news. He cast his transportation spell and returned to the cave
When he arrived he found his bothers waiting in their chairs.
“Fleuretty, there are mortals travelling through the caves. They are near the Tomb of The Imprisoned.” Nebiros informed him. “We must leave this place and return to the world above.
Fleuretty was taken aback.
“No, we should remain apart!” He shouted, forgetting all about his news. “Strike and disappear!”
“We know of your failures Fleuretty.” Lucifuge sneered at him. “We need to learn more about the world of the Mortals and Wiccans. Only then can we be more successful.” He stood, followed by the other five humans. “Now, resume you human form and follow us.”
Fleuretty wanted to resist but when Lucifuge spoke he was bound to obey. He compressed his true form back into the image of the mortal he possessed. He ran his hands over his face and through his short blond hair. Already his brothers were moving away from him.
Anger burned within him as he followed, promising to keep his knowledge of the Guardians secret so that he could use it to his advantage…


The night had fully closed by the time Seraphina, Napaea, Aurea and Kyrena arrived, accompanied by Adair, at his house. They had stopped in front of the house, looking back the way they had come. Napaea hugged herself against a cold that wasn’t in the light summer breeze.
“So, we are the Guardians.” She noted, sitting herself down on one of the steps.
“”Yes,” Adair could barely contain his excitement, “I can’t believe it! You four are of Wiccan descent, are the four reincarnations of the original Guardians of Light!” He ran his hands through his hair and moved down the steps to pace the pavement. “It’s … it’s … unbelievable.”
Kyrena watched him walk up and down, her dark eyes distant.
“There is much we don’t know Adair.” She warned him, “You told us some of the Legend of the Guardians but we don’t know anything about the Wiccans and their history.”
“You probably do.” He stopped pacing and moved to stand at the bottom of the steps, he’d lost all his excitement and energy, and his grey eyes were hard. “You know of Witches.”
The four of them paused.
“Witches? You mean that Wiccans are Witches?” Aurea paled.
The other three girls exchanged fearful looks.
All through their childhood they had been warned of witches, told how evil they were. Parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles had told them all the tales, stretching back thousands of years, of wicked witches snatching and killing children.
As they had gotten older the stories had changed, to tales of how witches would use their powers to trick and deceive, to steel lovers and possessions. Some of these things were even taught in school in history lessons.
There had been much advice given about spotting a witch, but all four girls had privately believed that the tales were just that, stories.
“Hang on,” Seraphina frowned. “All those stories are … well… nasty. You’re a Wiccan and you’re not evil.”
Adair’s voice was no more of a whisper when he began to speak, so much so they all had to draw closer to him.
“No, and you will never meet an evil Wiccan. Those stories have become so part of the non-Wiccan culture that they are the reason that we Wiccans are in hiding.” Adair’s voice dropped lower. “There have been times in the past that people have hunted us down, killing people whether they were Wiccan or not. The Elders of the time decided that it is best to remain hidden, to save as many Wiccan and Mortal lives as possible. We are within society, yet apart.”
“Is …” Seraphina searched for the words, “Is that why people don’t like you? Do they know you are a Wiccan?”
Adair smiled ironically, “There are people who can sense our powers, our magic’s. Most can’t, so never know who or what we are. The most sensitive are children, but many loose the ability to sense us as they become adults.”
“It seems there is much for us to learn.” Kyrena’s expression was thoughtful as she tried to reassess many things she had been told over the years.
“Yes, not only our history, but how to use your magic,” Adair nodded, “There is much for you to learn.”
“I think we got magic sorted.” Aurea grinned as she struck a pose, arms out stretched, “Shimmering Sonic Blast!”
Nothing happened.
“What the … “
“That is the magic of the Guardians,” he told her, unsuccessfully trying to hide his grin behind his hand, “you’ll have to learn magic.”
“This is a lot to take in.” Seraphina rubbed her eyes. “My head hurts.”
“We should probably go home.” Napaea noted. “It is only Tuesday night, we have school in the morning.”
Just then, Adair’s mum emerged from the house.
“I thought I could hear voices.” She smiled at them. “Adair, the Caving Centre is on the phone. Your friends have been found.”
“Are you sure mum?” Adair started up the stairs. “They’re okay?”
“Fine apparently. They’re being taken to hospital to get checked out. Do you want to talk to the man from the centre?”
Adair hurried into the house, pausing just inside the doorway.
“Sorry, I’ve got to find out how they are.”
“Don’t worry Adair.” Aurea smiled.
“I think we can keep ourselves out of trouble until tomorrow morning.” Seraphina grinned, “We can wait for you to explain everything to us.”
“We will need to see … those books.” Kyrena told him carefully, after she caught his warning glance.
“We’ll arrange something.” He promised as he disappeared out of sight.
“Right girls,” Adair’s mother smiled, “I’ve put your bags in the hallway, they were in my way. Do you want to get them?” The girls nodded and she stepped to one side to let them pass. “I’m guessing you haven’t done your homework yet, and probably don’t need an excuse to avoid doing it.”
She laughed as they all groaned, stepping back from the door so they could enter. They were aware of Reed talking to someone on the phone in the kitchen, but he didn’t say anything to them as they left.
They separated when they reached the end of Adair’s street, each carrying their own thoughts with them. Each thinking on their hopes and fears for the future ahead.
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PostSubject: Re: Hallowe'en competiton entries ..   Fri Jul 31, 2009 12:13 pm

Just a quick note, this is part of a larger peice but it is the section that accurately outlines the ethos of the whole Natural Magick concept.
It was originally developed to be a graphic novel for a friend to illustrate for her art degree but has evolved over the years into a tool to address some of the miscoceptions about Wicca and Witchcraft, aimed at the teenage reader.
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Lady Katt
Lady Katt

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PostSubject: Re: Hallowe'en competiton entries ..   Fri Jul 31, 2009 1:20 pm

One word... beautiful xxxxxxxx
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PostSubject: Re: Hallowe'en competiton entries ..   Fri Jul 31, 2009 1:52 pm


This is the first time I've publically displayed it in .... 11 years Embarassed just on with Ep 2. 1,200 words in and still inspired.
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PostSubject: Re: Hallowe'en competiton entries ..   Sat Aug 01, 2009 5:44 am

Although I love poetry, I'm not that great at writing it, but thought that I'd give it a go.


The night is dark, a figure stirs
An incantation chanted
The full moon casts an eerie glow
A balefire is started
The witches gather in dead of night
To call the quarters, circle right
An awesome power is raised
By those joined in the night
Greetings to the spirit and farewell at the end
Merry meet, merry part and merry meet again
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Blue Wolf
Blue Wolf

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PostSubject: Re: Hallowe'en competiton entries ..   Sun Aug 02, 2009 2:11 pm

I'm already so impressed; thank you both for such beautiful and thought provoking contributions. As you probably know, I love my poetry, and the use of it in ritual writings. I'm also a novelist myself, and I appreciate the work that goes into crafting writing which is both entertaining and informative to the reader. Thank you both for allowing me the pleasure of reading your work, which I love!
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Lady Katt
Lady Katt

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PostSubject: Re: Hallowe'en competiton entries ..   Sun Nov 01, 2009 12:29 am

Congratulations to kyrena - the winner please email me your full address for the prize.. satyr please email me yours too for a conselation prize
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PostSubject: Re: Hallowe'en competiton entries ..   

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Hallowe'en competiton entries ..
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