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 The Color Correspondence Game

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PostSubject: The Color Correspondence Game   Mon Aug 17, 2009 2:22 pm

originally from though I added to it

You will need

• 1 large piece of poster board
• Markers in the following colors:
(Others can be used if you are feeling adventurous and you know the correct correspondences.)

On the poster board draw pictures using only one color for each picture
Then say the rhyme, below, while pointing to each individual color. In no time, your child will know their basic colors and the magickal correspondences of each.

Red is the color of power and love,
Orange is the color of energy from above,
Yellow is the color of our bright minds,
Green is harmony our heart finds,
Blue makes us serene and mild,
Purple is the spirit within you, child.
Brown is the colour of earth and the land
Pink brings friends and lovers to hand

White is pure as the morning light,
Silver is peaceful like the full moon bright.
Gold is the power of the body and mind,
Black is the banisher of bad things we find.

Feel free to add things to the game or use it in different contexts. I have used this game to teach my daughter numerous things including the runes and tree magick


I added the colours brown and pink, mainly because I thought that pink needed to be in there (having a little girl and all).

Personally I found a ready to colour in pentagram, printed 12 off and colored them in (because I don't have a colour printer) and turned them into baby hand friendly sized flash cards which we pass back and forth and I say the colour name as she makes nice little piles on the floor and then repeat the process as she hands them back.

She's already (backed up by my childminders use of coloured blocks, she didn't approve of the pentagrams even though I offered to make some Rolling Eyes Smile ) got recognising colours. They aren't going to last forever, but they were easy to make (all you need is you pictures, card and sticky back plastic and off you go).

What games, if any, did you play with your kids?
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Blue Wolf
Blue Wolf

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PostSubject: Re: The Color Correspondence Game   Mon Aug 17, 2009 5:08 pm

That is lovely, Kyrena. I'm beaming at your ingenuity. I can hardly imagine my daughter's childminder being impressed with pentagrams, either - I was much in awe of her myself!

I did used to love reading to my daughter, and especially stories which I regarded as evocative of universal values; or at least, those that I felt were so. Anything mythical, Greek, Celtic, Egyptian, and fairy tales too. And 'Hiawatha', of course! Plus, I gotta admit, Bible stories. I was teaching religious studies in school at the time, along with PE, so the eclectic approach was also carried through where possible in the classroom; although the National Curriculum has gradually made such things problematic.
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PostSubject: Re: The Color Correspondence Game   Tue Aug 18, 2009 4:32 am

I've lots of bible books for her, and I'm aware of but can't aford some american 'paganish' books. Other more pagan stories are a little (read alot) above her.

Although we read at the end of the day she's not exactly attentive, she misunderstood when her father said mummy consumes books Wink . She also prefers to write in them, which is her copying me as I take notes on stuff so we hanging fire on story time.
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PostSubject: Re: The Color Correspondence Game   

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The Color Correspondence Game
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